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Reducing carbon footprints, empowering responsible corporations

The measurement of corporate carbon emissions is being driven by the urgency to address climate change as a global and national priority and the associated regulatory environment. This is having a significant impact on organisational competitiveness.  

Whether a company operates in a compliance carbon market (carbon tax) or a voluntary carbon market, there is growing pressure to meet reduction and net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions targets.  

Companies can play a leadership role and establish a competitive advantage by measuring the carbon emissions of their operations. Measuring emissions enables reduction opportunities and offsetting possibilities. It also places the organisation in ‘good company’, making potential customers easier to engage and transact with. 

How We Assist 

We assist companies to measure and manage their corporate carbon footprint. By utilising technology systems and internationally recognized standards, such as the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard, we ensure the accuracy and credibility of our measurement and reporting practices. Our comprehensive solution focuses on delivering environmental and commercial return on investment. 
  • Carbon Footprint Assessments     

  • Measurement and Reporting  

  • Carbon Measurement Software 

  • Reduction Strategies 

  • Carbon Offsetting 

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