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Building and promoting solutions that enable high performing, responsible and sustainable organisations and economies. 

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Strategy and Management

  • Strategy development

  • Business model design and innovation

  • Organisational design

  • Customer value proposition

  • Systems analysis and design

  • Business process re-engineering

  • Management approach and performance

  • Marketing and sales strategy

  • Project design and management

  • M & A, integration and change management

  • Board advisory


  • Sustainability / ESG strategy development

  • Reporting

  • Sustainability, integrated and carbon reporting

  • Report assurance

  • ESG and impact investing / finance

  • Resource efficiency & cleaner production (RECP)

  • Energy services

  • Verification and assurance

  • Project management

  • Research

  • Stakeholder engagement and response plans

Carbon and Climate

  • Carbon emissions: mapping, audits, verification and strategy

  • Climate change: mapping, strategy and position statements

  • Carbon footprint - reporting and training

  • Carbon tax: readiness programmes, calculations and training

  • Carbon offsets

  • Report assurance: GHG emissions

  • Energy data management and reporting

  • Scope 3 emissions strategies


  • Sustainability Reporting

  • Sustainability Profile (SP24)

  • Integrated Reporting

  • Carbon Footprint Reporting

  • Reporting Workshops and Training

  • Stakeholder Reporting

  • Governance, compliance, companies act, King IV

  • Assurance and Verification

  • SDG Mapping and Reporting

  • Reporting for listing requirements / IPO

  • Reporting Software

Circular Economy



Packaged high-performance solutions that are aimed at specific business objectives and outcomes. Workshop or video facilitation options, and aligned with global best-practice methodologies

Sustainability Profile (SP24)

For first time reporters or organisations that require a concise but credible multi-stakeholder communications platform that is visually appealing and easy to read

The Impact Framework

A framework for strategy development and value creation, incorporating sustainability and reporting theory. The Framework allows organisations to build and progress through stages easily and credibly, maintaining stakeholder relevance and sustainability narratives.

Circular IQ


CircularIQ provides an organisational and product level scan, using key strategic and circular lenses, highlighting gaps that should, or could be closed. 

Carbon Tax Readiness

Designed to give customers peace of mind around the carbon, carbon tax and reporting regulations, the service helps to identify and close gaps quickly and inexpensively.

Packaged Solutions


Business facilitation is evolving as a practice, to incorporate approaches that are aimed at achieving deeper results more efficiently, such as active listening, agile and design thinking. 

Design thinking is a strategic approach to the development of solutions by groups and is increasingly incorporated into corporate facilitation. The approach can access deeper issues more quickly and is aimed at reaching prototype concepts or solutions on a ‘pareto principle’ basis. 

GSA Campbell CEO, Lloyd Macfarlane is a lead facilitator, having used design thinking practices with many well known global brands

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GSA Campbell is a regional distribution partner for the Veriport online reporting solution. Online reporting and data management that's easy, credible and affordable. 

Veriport _Logo_Teal_G1Grey_withtagline-01.png

London | Cape Town | Hamburg

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