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Build reputation and grow market share

in just

24 Pages

A 24-page Sustainability Profile could significantly change the way customers, investors, employees and other key stakeholders view your business. 

NGO? Our 'SP24' could help you to access financial resources.

Key stakeholders are demanding more from companies


  • Investors want to see that companies are positioned for long-term value creation

  • Customers are more discerning and have higher expectations

  • Large buyers are demanding recognised sustainability credentials in their supply chains

  • Employees and future employees are drawn to companies that share their value systems

  • Compliance with government and industry regulations and standards around ESG issues is a license to operate


A simple, concise but credible sustainability profile can capture and present essential information that stakeholders want and need. A Profile that is aligned with global best-practice reporting standards is a differentiator and a door opener.

A credible Sustainability Profile can assist NGOs to access financial resources and create impact.

The ability to continually demonstrate accountability, build reputation and secure a social license to operate increases access to financial resources and improves the ability of the organisation to create impact.


Download our Sustainability Profile brochure to learn more about how and why to profile your sustainability credentials to your most valuable stakeholders


  1. Whats driving sustainability for companies and NGOs

  2. Which target audiences are important and why

  3. How a Sustainability profile can add meaningful value for your company or NGO

  4. The most important content to include in your Profile

  5. GSA Campbell recommended page-plan

  6. Which standards or benchmarks are useful to align with


GSA Campbell Sustainability Profile (SP24)

Concise, credible, easy and effective

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