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Are you a 


Looking to:

Comply with listing requirements

Identify corporate governance gaps

Develop narratives and reports for investors

Connect strategy with performance 

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Imagine a packaged solution that check for gaps, closes gaps and positions your business for compliance, resilience and competitiveness.

Imagine that this same solution is modular, inexpensive and designed for immediate or progressive implementation.

Introducing the Impact Framework

Impact FR - 10 Blocks Image Mar2019.PNG

10 building blocks for compliance, innovation and sustainable value creation

The Impact Framework is a packaged solution that facilitates the development or alignment of simple, value-based business fundamentals. The Framework positions companies for resilience and competitiveness, providing a road map towards The Impact Enterprise

The solution is aligned with the world’s best-practice strategic and sustainability theory, whilst remaining simple and easy to implement.

A modular pyramid structure allows for progression and customisation and caters for companies that require deep development or quick and cost-effective results.

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