Four strategic lenses for success

When it comes to strategy and business model, industry associations tend to have a lot in common.


They are usually membership or stakeholder representative organisations that have a service-based value proposition, and one doesn’t have to look too far to find terms like workshops, networking, standards, training and publications in their materials.

Almost regardless of the industry, these organisations should be examining strategy (and structure) through the following four lenses.


Are we in touch with the current and future needs of our members?


How can we better express value for members? How do we measure value?



Do we have a performance-centric structure, culture and management approach?


Does our strategy help members to identify and manage risk. How do we value and sell this?

GSA Campbell has provided strategy and sustainability services and solutions to various high-profile industry organisations. We are familiar with the typical ‘syndromes’ that these bodies face from time to time, through forces such as innovation, disruption or regulation. A version of our Impact Framework has become a powerful strategic tool for these organisations.  

Industry bodies usually don’t have much of a war chest, and they are often dependent on volunteers or part time resources. In our experience, this means that the structure of the organisation must be fit for purpose – it should reflect the ‘work less, achieve more’ objective, which is more effective and more sustainable in the long term.

Industry bodies seem often to be challenged about the value that they bring for members, particularly if there is a sense that membership is an insurance-type grudge purchase for companies or individuals. This is where a ‘sustainability-centric’ strategy and communications plan can help, by explaining value in new ways, and structuring content in formats that corporate and professional stakeholders can identify with. Speak their language and win them over.

There are several benefits in using GSA Campbell to assess or to develop your industry body’s strategy, structure or communications plan. Our work in this space has provided us with frames of reference that are valuable for new clients.

We provide packaged online (webinar) or in-person, facilitated workshop and advisory solutions that are tailored to your requirements and your budget.

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A comprehensive, credible and relevant approach provides industry associations with:

  1. Industry (and association) value chain assessment

  2. Stakeholder identification and mapping (including bullet surveys)

  3. Business model development (using the 6 Capitals) - outcomes based value creation assessment

  4. Material issues and risks: identification and mapping (including bullet surveys)

  5. Review, alignment and updates: vision, mission, values, purpose

  6. Review, alignment and updates: strategic pillars, themes and objectives

  7. Stakeholder plan - comprehensive engagement, communication and marketing framework

  8. Summary documents and implementation guideline

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