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Reduce risk and build a platform for sustainability and competitiveness

The Impact Framework positions companies for resilience and competitiveness, providing a road map towards 'The Impact Enterprise'

The solution is aligned with the world’s best-practice strategic and sustainability theory, whilst remaining simple and easy to implement.

A modular pyramid structure allows for progression and customisation and caters for companies that require deep development or quick and cost-effective results.

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Establish a platform for long-term value creation.

The Impact Framework is widely applicable and customisable, delivering results for small or large companies, multinationals, NGOs and government.


It is however most relevant for companies experiencing the following issues:

Stock exchange compliance

"Our existing strategies and processes are not aligned with listing, reporting or investor requirements, and not sufficiently integrated. We must present the business through the ‘long-term’ investor lens."

Sustainability/ESG positioning

"Large customers are asking for our sustainability credentials. We have a great business but need to understand how to align and present our activities in the best way possible. We have to differentiate around sustainability and must incorporate ESG standards or benchmarks such as GRI, SASB or the Sustainable Development Goals."

Relevance or competitiveness

"Market forces are limiting our ability to compete. Competitors are innovating and we need to re-establish our relevance and our sustainable value proposition."

Market or supply chain disruptions

"Market or supply chain threats, such as those from Brexit, are not sufficiently visible or positioned in the strategy. Opportunities for response or innovation are not clear. We need to re-position the strategy and build resilience."

Social license to operate

"We need to identify and manage industry reputational issues that are important for customers, communities, the media and other key stakeholder groups. We must respond through innovation and communication."

Supply chain risk

"The sustainability of our supply chain is critical for us, and for our investors - our long-term value depends on our ability to manage risk and establish resilience. We need to benchmark and even assist our suppliers using a system that allows us to identify and close gaps."

Are you ready for carbon tax?


Check compliance, manage risk and future proof operations

GSA Campbell, in association with ReportFast is offering a CARBON READINESS package. 

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